The Tale of Saffron Blacksmith

Fall and the Fallen – Book 1. 

Where Saffron Blacksmith is from, opportunities don’t happen every day. In fact, they never happen at all. Except for Saffron. Her intelligence takes her from her deprived, poor area of Doveton, to the luxurious city centre, to work for the Dovini family – headed by First Lady Doveton and First Lord Doveton, and ensure her place at their top university.

In Saffron’s eyes, nothing could be better, but things begin to escalate. Her brother, Tom, decides he wants to change the way things are in town and is anti the establishment that Saffron is working for. Centuries of unfairness have reached its precipice for Tom, and many others, including Saffron. Old friends of Saffron’s have battles to face, and new friends are found in the most unlikely of places.

And as for the Crown Prince, Joey, Saffron just can’t stop thinking about him. But maybe she might have too.

Saffron watched her brother, who was staring at the display before him with a look of suspicion, seemingly lost in his own thoughts.

   “Suppose I ought to head over now, then.” Saffron interrupted his trance.

   “Yep.” Tom muttered. “Suppose you ought to.”

   They stood in silence for a few more moments, before Tom spoke again.

   “Remember who you are, Saffy.” His parting words hung in the air, and with an awkward pat on Saffron’s shoulder, he departed, leaving Saffron to continue her journey to the start of her new life, all alone.” 

First of a four book series, Fall and The Fallen shows a young adult’s naivety about the world around her collapse as she faces newfound issues as she comes of age. Her world is no longer black and white, just a constant grey area that she is not accustomed to, and the mystery of the fictional, undemocratic society that she lives in, and why there is such a strong divide.

Each character tells a different story, and Saffron learns and observes about life, love, war and friendship. Her curious mind opens to the reader, and allows them to learn alongside her. 

Fall and the Fallen is currently in production, with a final draft planned to be complete by March.