Student Life

Hi guys!

It’s been two weeks since my last update… what with work, deadlines and life stuff, I unfortunately wasn’t able to write anything. I say unfortunately, because it bothers me when I can’t write for personal enjoyment.

I think it’s only just hit me that I’m actually on UCAS applying for universities, and that I actually have important academic deadlines. With an Access to HE diploma, rather than exams at the end of the year formulating a final grade, it’s a credit based system. Therefore, my History unit ends tomorrow and I get awarded six credits – Distinction, Merit or Pass. My entry requirements for university require predominantly Distinction, and so the pressure is on.

I’ve definitely realised that if I’m going to survive the next year I’m going to have to start being kinder to myself. Young adulthood can be demanding at the best of times – being in my early twenties, as an example, I feel as if I ought to be achieving about 100000000 things more than I am, and I think it’s universal. Setting impossible standards for myself at this stage is just going to cause me to go stir crazy.

Because of this, I am going to try and feel less bad for writing less recently. That hasn’t meant that I haven’t had some pretty cool ideas, the most significant being the production and writing  Fall and the Fallen still happening, with a new additional character that I’m writing in at the moment that completely adds to the story. Of course I’m bias, but I knew something was missing for a short while and feel as though I’ve figured it out.

I usually do include some kind of topic in my column, and agree that it’s lacking today and has more of a personal touch to it, but I wanted to take the opportunity to share what I’ve been up to recently. Another plan of mine is to enter a short story competition in December, which I won’t detail much, but I should be posting onto my website in a couple of weeks for feedback, so be sure not to miss it!

Am I starting to stress a little? Yes. Is the thought of university daunting? Absolutely. Am I shattered? Eyes half shut as I write this. But am I excited? Completely and utterly. Starting to realise that I’m facing the less romanticised and enriching side of education, the novelty wearing off, perhaps, but going to stay determined.

As mentioned before, stay tuned for more! And remember to follow my Twitter page (@mollshallett), as I post a lot of updates there as well, and I have short stories available on Kindle as well.

I’ll be posting very soon…



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