Monday Update

Hello! Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend. Mine was pretty much spent working and thinking in my head that I have to write a college assignment that is due tomorrow, and instead here writing this, but there we go.

I may keep harping on about this but on Friday I released my first short story! Scary stuff for me, I’ll be honest. If you haven’t already, please check it out! It’s called A New Law: Part 1 and can be viewed via my website (click here) and it’s also published on Amazon Kindle (click here) which is free until Wednesday for Kindle Unlimited users.

I have a few more ideas for this coming week. Firstly, this Friday I will be releasing my next short story, as a part of my A New Law anthology. As well as this, every Wednesday I am releasing a column which will be fully exclusive to my website, called Wednesday Writings. Here I will release an article of the week so far, and any relevant topics that have stuck with me and share my thoughts on the matter. So far I have only released my fiction work or synopsis for future work, therefore this will be a slightly different style of work.

Finally, I have added a new page to my website listing services I am offering. Obviously, I am not expecting this to take off straight away, however it is there and will remain to be so, and more than happy to accommodate.

As always, thank you for reading, and remember to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page, for more direct updates and a little more surrounding the workings of my mind. Must go and finish my essay, way too tired for an all nighter and think I will be doing everyone around me a favour to not witness zombie Molly tomorrow.



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