Happy to announce that today I published my first book through Amazon eBooks. The short story is called A New Law and details a new governed society that exists in our subconscious mind.

It’s short and sweet and can be read in one sitting. It’s the first piece of work I’ve made public so I’m obviously extremely excited to be sharing this, as daunting as it is!

For five days this book is going to be FREE on ebooks as I’ve put an 100% off offer out! Please, please feel free to check it out if you have a spare few minutes.

As always, remember to like my Facebook page Molly Hallett:Writer and follow me on Twitter at @mollshallett for updates on more upcoming work!

Click here for a link to my work on Amazon.

Most likely no new posts over the weekend as I have to work and also have a college deadline so have a great weekend!


Molly x


  1. I will definitely be doing that, thanks for the tip. I’ve noticed that I can’t download any UK Kindle book for some reason, it’s always been that way. I’ll post a little blurb about it when I finish, if that’s alright with you. Looking forward to it!


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