A New Law

Recently, alongside my main writing series, I have been working on a collection of short stories. Ranging in length, they are designed to be easily read in a single sitting and I have planned to release them individually.

By the end of this week (Friday 27th September) I hope to share with you all my first piece of writing!

A New Law  s a short story which looks at the world we are in now, heavily influenced by technology and social media. 

The key question: Are we governed by a new law that none of us are even aware of, in our subconscious mind? 

I cannot wait (even though I’m extremely nervous) to share my first piece of writing with you. It will be available through Kindle, which can be accessed via the app if you don’t own a physical Kindle.

This short story will be FREE to all users for the first three months, and afterwards will be charging a small cost, so please feel free to check it out within these first three months!

I will post its release via the website, which will be automatically shared to my social media accounts, but if you would like to keep updated please feel free to follow me on Twitter, or like my page on Facebook!

Hoping to post soon with my first piece of work!! Will be out on Friday, and until then have a wonderful week x



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